Welcome to Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council
Serving Kibworth Beauchamp in south Leicestershire since 1895.

This website was last updated: August 2020

Your parish councillors and clerk work to make Kibworth Beauchamp a good place in which to live, now and in the future. 

The current councillors are Pat Copson,  Ian Harrison, John Hooley,  Mark Newcombe,  Caroline Pitcher,  Barbara Strevens,  Simon Whelband, Kevin Feltham, Steve Woodhouse (Chair) and Andrew Munro (Vice Chair)

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except July and December) at 7.00pm in the Studio at Kibworth Grammar School Hall.  Please join us.

The Parish Clerk is Maria Smith who can be contacted via email to clerk@kbpc.org.uk or through our Contacts Page, or by phoning 07716642077

Litter picking to help our community

Although there are many litter bins spread cross both Kibworth parishes, still people report litter over our parks and play areas.

The two parishes are pleased to be able to borrow litter picking kits. We would like to hep organise litter picking sessions and ask any potential volunteers to please email deputyclerk@kbpc.org.uk.

Going forward, the parish councils hope to be working with the Rotary Club to organise Kibworth Wombling dates and locations.