About us

Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council is a single corporate body in law.  That means decisions are n ot made by individual councillors or officers.  The Council must do what the law requires it to and can undertake an activity only if a specific Act of Parliament allows it.

The Parish Council is the 'grass roots' tier of local government . We are closest to the community we  serve and represent.  It has a duty to serve all residents fairly and equitably, taking into consideration different interests and concerns.

The Council has strong partnership links with Harborough District Council and Leicestershire County Council in order to influence other decision makers for delivery of services to meet local needs.

Councillors do not receive a salary or an allowance but out-of-pocket expenses are covered.   Elections are held every four years when all councillors must be re-elected or stand down. Vacancies arising between elections can be filled by co-option.   The council employs a part-time Clerk and a part-time Street Orderly.

Parish Councillors

Pat Copson, Roger Garratt, Ian Harrison, Zoe Macefield, Andrew Munro, Mark Newcombe, Caroline Pitcher, Barbara Strevens, Simon Whelband and Steve Woodhouse (Chair).

District Councillors

Philip King, Simon Whelband and Robin Hollick.

County Councillor

Dr Kevin Feltham

Parish Council History

The 1894 Local Government Act separated secular affairs from those of the church.  Previously, a committee, which met in the vestry of the parish church, had oversight of both under the authority of the priest.  Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council was formed in the following year and met in the National School, now the Old School Surgery in Station Street.  From 1901, the Council met in the Village Hall or the Oddfellows Hall in Paget Street, and from 1983 at the Kibworth School. Since 2013 meetings have been held in the Studio at Kibworth Grammar School Hall.


The Parish Council's policies and regulations are available below. They guide and instruct our actions and decisions. We review them every year. Other documents can be seen by asking the Parish Clerk. Our earlier records are at the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in Wigston.