Kibworth Joint Burial Board

Kibworth Cemetery is managed by a joint board of councillors comprising representatives from Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council (currently Councillors Ian Harrison, chairman; Andrew Munro and Caroline Pitcher), and from Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council (Councillors Ted Masters and John Tillotson). Some 5 or 6 meetings are held each year in Kibworth Grammar School Hall with additional meetings called if necessary. Recommendations including any financial implications from meetings will be ratified at the following Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council public meeting and the joint board's work summarised at both parish council meetings.

Reports from the meetings are included in the Parish Council meeting minutes.  


In 1891, a meeting of rate-payers elected seven residents to form a Burial Board because the churchyard was full and could not be extended.  The land for the cemetery was purchased from Merton College in May 1893.

The first phase of the cemetery was consecrated in the following month, and the first burial, of Florence May Kimbell, aged four years. took place in August of the same year.

The Lychgate was the gift of local builder Edward Woodford Mason and was completed in October 1894.  A year later, a wooden bier was presented by Mr Haymes. Originally, it was pulled by the village sexton, conveying the coffin from the deceased's house to the cemetery, passing through the lychgate where it is now kept.

Please contact the KHPC Clerk, Sara Barrett, by email - or phone  07519 003206