County Council says no to requests from Kibworth for pedestrian crossings


Leicestershire County Council's highways department has decided there is no need for pedestrian crossings near the Co-op on High Steet, Kibworth Beauchamp, or outside the Kibworth School on Smeeton Road.

Council officers monitored the sites for a week.  They concluded that the number of pedestrians and the amount and speed of traffic did not meet the criteria to justify any form of crossing.

A member of the highways staff commented:

"There has been no personal injury accidents recorded in the last five years on Smeeton Road, which provides a good indication that road users are travelling appropriately and as per the Highway Code.

"There has been three personal injury accidents recorded along the whole stretch of High Street within the last five years (but) there is no evidence these accidents are related to speeding.

"Whilst accepting that any accident is one too many, unfortunately this would not meet the criteria for County Council intervention of a proven accident record, of more than seven accidents in a five year period."

The installation of pedestrian crossings formed part of a detailed submission to Leicestershire County Council by the Kibworth parish councils.