Trees, wildlife and countryside conservation in Kibworth - on the agenda for the Joint Recreation Committee and Parish Councils


The Kibworth parish councils are considering a policy to safeguard and promote the conservation of wildlife on land they own.

The Joint Recreation Committee has a five-year plan in place to maintain the existing hedgerows and trees.  New proposals could see more trees being planted, and new landscaping to encourage wildlife and biodiversity.  This could include the former skatepark site, as well as potential sites in the Smeeton Road and Rookery Close areas.

Last year, the Joint Recreation Committee commissioned a detailed survey of the Smeeton Road recreation ground. This means every tree has been identified and its future care and maintenance requirements recorded.

Specialist ecology and environment officers at Leicestershire County Council have been contacted and will be supporting the initiative.

Residents interested in these proposals are invited to contact their relevant parish council.