Your Council Tax


Based on details released to date, this chart shows how your Council Tax from April 2019 will be shared by the various tiers of local government and the emergency services.  We will update this chart when other budgets are confirmed.  The County Council figure includes a ringfenced amount to support adult social care.

Leicestershire County Council has announced an increase of 3.99%.  Harborough District Council has decided on a 'no change' budget.  Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council is considering a small increase.

The chart shows that almost three-quarters of your council tax goes to Leicestershire County Council.  The emergency services account for 15% and Harborough District Council for 9%.   Just 2% of your tax goes to Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council.   

This share indicates to some extent the duties in law of the different local authorities.   The County Council, for instance, is responsible for delivering social care, education and highways maintenance.   For full details, please visit the relevant council websites.